About Fri3d Camp

Fri3d Camp is a two-yearly family-friendy summer camp for hackers, makers and DIYers. In 2024 we'll be having our fifth edition.

Following the hacker ethos, we have but one rule:
Be excellent to each other. Every participant has one sole task; to make the camp a fantastic experience for everybody.

Our inspiration are the large European camps which are organized every two years, such as CCC Camp or MCH.


The first three editions of Fri3d Camp were built by a loose team of volunteers, backed by IO Lab bvba.

After three editions of Fri3d Camp, Fri3d vzw was founded as a non-profit to govern the interests of the organization.

Fri3d VZW
Grotehondstraat 44 - APE Collective
2018 Antwerpen
BTW BE 0734.464.006

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