Fri3d Camp does not only require a hefty amount of preparation, and the effort of lots of volunteers and, of course, participants. But we also need a substantial budget to make sure everyone has the best possible Fri3d Camp experience.

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Current partners

These partners help us make Fri3d Camp unique and special. Thanks!

Dekimo is an electronic services supplier. The group consists of a design house for electronic engineering, mechatronics and software applications, a consultancy service, a layout service for printed circuit board design, a certified test lab, a prototype service and a highly automated SMD assembly plant for production series of 100 to 100.000 PCBA’s. With 300 professionals, we can be your long-term engineering partner and help you to achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Espressif Systems is a world-leading Internet-of-Things company. The company designs a range of high-performance Wi-Fi+Bluetooth (BLE) chipsets and modules. It built the widely popular ESP8266 and ESP32 chips. It also has an innovative team of chip-design specialists, software/firmware developers and marketers. Espressif Systems is committed to providing the best IoT devices and software platforms in the industry.

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