Fri3d Camp does not only require a hefty amount of preparation, and the effort of lots of volunteers and, of course, participants. But we also need a substantial budget to make sure everyone has the best possible Fri3d Camp experience.

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Dekimo is an important independent electronics solution provider in Europe, who highly values customer satisfaction through local presence.

Dekimo is an electronic services supplier. The group consists of a design house for electronic engineering, mechatronics and software applications, a consultancy service, a layout service for printed circuit board design, a certified testlab, a prototype service and a highly automated SMD assembly plant for production series of 100 to 100.000 PCBA’s. With 400 professionals, they can be your long-term engineering partner and help you to achieve your business goals more efficiently.

With its electronic components, Würth Elektronik embodies innovative solutions, top quality, and outstanding service that surpass the ordinary – in line with our motto: More than you Expect!

Würth Elektronik is the preferred partner of many developers and manufacturers from a wide range of industries. With its electronic and electromechanical components, EMC components, radio modules and sensors, Würth Elektronik stands for innovative solutions, top quality and excellent service that goes far beyond the ordinary. We are appreciated because we do not have minimum order quantities. We have lots of stock and offer free samples! The components are of industrial quality and are available for at least 10 years. Our representatives offer thorough technical advice, such as on EMC, radio legislation or antenna matching.

Whatever your challenge, AQC B.V. is your PCB partner.

AQC B.V. is one of the most technically skilled suppliers of connections in the form of PCBs for the High Tech industry. With its headquarters in the Netherlands, AQC focuses on becoming the market leader in these products that meet the most demanding international quality requirements. AQC B.V. has the expertise to think along and advise during the design phase of the PCB. They assure you that they’ll answer all questions quickly, adequately, but above all in a customer-oriented way.

Ingegno is constantly promoting STEM.

WE SUPPORT & DEVELOP STEM LABS - Our motto: You can do more than you think! Ingegno makes STEM products, guides, trains and supports. Our clients: schools, companies, fablabs and private individuals.WISE ACTIVITIES FOR WISE CHILDREN Be interested in the way things work, intrigued by the world around us, and unafraid to play with new technologies. Tinkering seeds new ideas and inspires exciting projects. Make something. Anything. Or take something apart to find out what’s inside.

Prof dr. Maria-Cristina Ciocci

Investing together in prosperity and well-being.

Espressif Systems is a global high-tech leader in wireless communication, IoT, AI, SoCs, software and solutions for a smarter and greener future.

Trikker (©Bluebits) the drawing program for electricians

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