Code of conduct

This code of conduct is meant for everyone; all participants of Fri3d Camp, workshop organisers, speakers and members of the orga-team. This code is not meant to slap people on the wrist, but to make sure everyone at Fri3d Camp has a great experience.

Be Excellent to Eachother

‘Be excellent to each other’ is the Fri3d Camp motto. What does this mean? What are the do’s en don’ts at Fri3d Camp?

Go for low impact🌱

  • Leave the campsite cleaner than how you found it.
  • Bring your own (camping)silverware. Avoid garbage.
  • Sort out your garbage or take it home, but under no circumstances leave it lingering on the campsite
  • Try to carpool and come to Fri3d Camp together.

Be responsible 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Fri3d Camp is familyfriendly, but the orga-team and the activity organisers are not nannies. Workshops suitable for kids alone are adequatly marked as such, under normal circumstances young children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Every parent is best placed to assess the independence level of his/her child. Children that play around or roam the campgrounds on their own are fine, but parents are held responsible at all times.
  • Take heed of the nescessary safety precautions. Use eye and ear protection when needed. In case of emergency or if any other incident should happen, follow orga-team's instructions.
  • Notice anyone without a Fri3d-bracelet? Accompany them to the infodesk and report to an orga-team member that you ran into someone without a bracelet. It is obvious you always wear your own bracelet.

Be respectful 🙌

  • Respect your neighbours' night's rest on the camping grounds.
  • Keep toilets and showers clean, so that everyone can enjoy using them.
  • Respect the people who are giving workshops, talks,… : be on time, show interest and follow their instructions.
  • Everyone at Fri3d Camp is a volunteer. The people in the orga-team that are available all weekend, but also the participants that take on a volunteering shift. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
  • Respect each others privacy, this applies in particular to kids. Only take photos of people who are ok with it. Respect the wishes of people who don't want to be photographed.
  • Respect each other's property.
  • When people indicate they want to be left alone, respect their wish.
  • Fri3d Camp will not tolerate any form of racism, homophobia, (sexual) intimidation or behaviour that makes other participants feel threatened in any way.
  • Orga-team members are clearly recognizable during the camp. Are you uncertain of something or do you have a question, they will love to help you out.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas, these are clearly marked. We do not want to find any cigarette ends.
  • "Assume good faith", you will encounter very different and even some unique personalities, all with the best intentions, just like yourself.
  • Respect gravity.

Be helpful 👏

  • “Don’t complain, suggest what’s better” is the slogan you will see on many laptops. Put this idea into practice.
  • Everyone is a volunteer. So take every opportunity to help out someone in need when you have time.
  • Lost items are welcome at the infodesk.
  • Fri3d Camp welcomes hackers, makers and diy’ers of different levels and backgrounds. Be helpful supportive, and stimulate the will to learn.
  • Don't let discussions, conflicts, disagreements… escalate and make sure you can keep enjoying Fri3d Camp together. If you are unable to find a way out, look for a mediator.
  • Is someone using the WiFi or other digital tool in an unsafe way? Help them make it safer, and don't see it as a chance to hack their devices.

What happens when the code of conduct is not followed?

The orga-team is strict on behaviour, yet mild for people. Excluding someone from the camp is only a last resort. The orga-team will at first always try to defuse situations, remind people of the code of conduct, etc. to change behaviour. There is a neutral mediator , to help solve conflicts and friction and to improve cohesion on camp.

However, in case of repeated or very serious offenses that severely hinder other participants, a person can be removed from the campsite and denied access, without reimbursement of tickets or other expenses.

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