Call for Proposal

Fri3d Camp is created by the people who attend. Everyone lends a helping to create an excellent experience for all participants.

All workshops, talks and other activities during Fri3d Camp are run by participants, that means you! We try to corall all your ideas into an official program With our Call for Proposal. Submit your proposal, and if it gets accepted, we will support you where necessary.

Submit your idea!

You'll be able to change your proposal afterwards.

All science- and technology-themed activities are welcomed. Especially projects you are working on, skills you want to teach others, and passions you'd like to share. There's room for activities of all experience and skill levels. You can use another language than Dutch for your activity, but please mention it in your proposal.

Your idea doesn't have to be a traditional workshop or talk, we welcome every idea! You could also build a system of pneumatic tubes, organise a high-tech treasure hunt, build a huge geodesic dome... We're open to all kinds of ideas, and we'd love to see how we can help you make them a reality!

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