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Fri3d Camp is a family friendly hacker camp for hackers, makers and DIY'ers. It takes place every two years.
August 12 to 14 2022 will be our fourth edition.

What to expect?

Fri3d Camp is an interesting mix of technology festival, easy-going camping atmosphere, and a hacker convention.

We take our inspiration from the large European hacker camps like CCC Camp and SHA.

Workshop participants

Making a smoke free wood stove

At Fri3d Camp, the distinction between orga and participants is rather vague. For instance, we expect all participants to work at least one shift in content support, at the bar, etc. Apart from that, you'll notice that people are very supportive and always ready to lend a helping hand at Fri3d Camp. Our motto is, after all, 'Be Excellent to Each other'

Participants at a table with laptops and electronics

Workshop Mechanical Keyboards with the Fri3d Camp 2016 badge

Fri3d Camp wants to reach families. This means that about a third of participants are children. We see them as full-fledged participants, and want to offer challenging science- and technology-oriented activities.

It's the participants themselves who organise all the activities at Fri3d Camp. During previous editions, we cast aluminium, launched a weather balloon, played a high-tech treasure hunt... Fri3d Camp is a playground for anyone interested in science and technology.

Launching of miniature rockets on the grounds

Building and launching microrockets

We camp out in the woods. Our location is not a congress centre or event hall, but a large wooded camping ground. This creates a relaxed summer atmosphere. At the same time, we have lots of smartphones, laptops and all kinds of high- and low-tech.

We encourage all participants to bring their own projects and to talk about them. Ad-hoc spontaneous workshops and talks are a frequent occurence at Fri3d Camp.

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Photos from 2018

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